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01 October 2008 @ 10:30 pm
was thinking about boston legal today, havent watched it in so long b/c this season isnt as good as the others
anyway, i was thinking about season 3 and theres one bit i remember i loved, so i thought id share...

Denny Crane: He comes in. I can't fly! 

Alan Shore: You're just discovering this? 

Denny Crane: Bella and I were headed for Hawaii, I got detained at the airport, they wouldn't let me board! 

Alan Shore: Why? 

Denny Crane: According to their records I'm a terrorist. 

Alan Shore: What? 

Denny Crane: That's what they said. A terrorist. Now, Bella's in Hawaii and I'm not. Alan, you've gotta help me. 

Alan Shore: Okay. 

Denny Crane: Nobody gets away with calling Denny Crane a terrorist. 

Alan Shore: What would you like me to do? 

Denny Crane: Perfect world? We blow 'em up. 

Alan Shore: Short of that? 

Denny Crane: Sleep with their wives. 

Alan Shore: You can do better. 

Denny Crane: Daughters? 

Alan Shore: Denny, you're an American! What does any true red-white-and-blue American do when he's been 

wronged? Or even slightly put out for that matter? 

Denny Crane: He looks at Alan for a moment. We sue!  Alan nods affirmatively. 

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gee beesgroovygeorge on October 1st, 2008 12:56 pm (UTC)
watched it on monday..not as good, less spader.